• Marketing of property for Sale

    M&P has proven and in-depth experience in the national and international real estate industry, which allows us to offer our clients truly effective solutions in all areas related to the real estate market:

    • Marketing of newly built housing developments, second hand houses, business premises and land, both nationally and internationally

    • Marketing of residential buildings both leased and vacant

    • Marketing of land

    • Complete management of residential assets

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  • Marketing of property for Rent

    M&P has one of the most significant portfolios of residential properties for rent with almost 4,000 properties.

    • Marketing of residential properties with protected rent with an option to buy

    • Marketing of free-market properties for rent

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  • Valuation and Consultancy

    A correct valuation makes all the difference when making real estate investment decisions. Following a highly demanding and rigorous process, M&P provides the information and assessment needed to accurately value property, which is essential in the real estate market in order to retain reliability of the balance compared with third-parties. To guarantee that all of our proposals are objective and clear, we comply with the standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and our knowledge gained over our 30 years’ experience in the real estate industry focused on providing services to investors, developers, owners, banks and financial institutions, investment funds and real estate investment companies.

    • Valuation and due diligence before buying or selling property for investors

    • Portfolio analysis

    • Strategic consulting and management of REO foreclosure properties

    • Analysis and status of assets (physical, registry, legal, property tax, administrative, urban)

    • Asset optimisation

    • Mergers and acquisitions

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  • Investment and Land

    Optimise the sale of your assets and maximise your return on investments in a rapid and profitable way. Our team will assist you with the complete management of your real estate assets, providing solutions tailored to the characteristics of your portfolio and a changing market. From transfer of ownership, to the preparation, finalisation and sale of the property:

    • Localisation of land investment opportunities

    • Creation of an asset and debt portfolio

    • Advice on specific projects and developments

    • Assurance, structuring and negotiation of real estate opportunities

    • Search and negotiation with institutional investors

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    • Real estate and building project finance

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  • Project Management and Asset Management

    Our comprehensive management will reduce the time and cost of developing the construction project, achieving maximum performance of all of your resources.

    • Project scheduling and monitoring.

    • General management of the construction and the project.

    • Supervision and technical assistance to develop the project and staff training.

    • Control of payment and the development process.

    M&P uses its wide knowledge of the market to detect the best opportunities and implement a long-term management strategy that takes into account all of the financial factors that could affect the financial performance of your project.

    • RE portfolio organisation.

    • Business Plan presentation and design.

    • Broker network management.

    • Asset administration.

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