Magnum & Partners was established with the vocation of being one of the benchmark residential property consulting firms in Spain. With a multi-disciplinary team consistent of 62 professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the firm was consolidated during the most turbulent years for the real estate market with a sustainable annual growth rate of 32%. All of this is due to the quality of its portfolio of assets and a service tailored to its clients.

We manage one of the largest networks of brokers for the international marketing of coastal housing developments.
We market several of the most attractive rental portfolios in the industry.


Faced with the new and encouraging scenario, Magnum & Partners continues to expand and diversify its activity in the real estate industry. It has been capable of adapting to constant changes, guaranteeing its consolidation and growth without forgetting diversification, incorporating some of the most significant protected and free-market rental portfolios in Spain. M&P offers its knowledge of the local market via its regional branches in Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Malaga.

Extensive experience with international clients interested in the local market
Complete management of the renovation of iconic and singular buildings, such as Gran Vía 68, in Madrid


  • Oscar Rubio de la Fuente

    Oscar Rubio de la Fuente


  • José Carlos Pérez Ocaña

    José Carlos Pérez Ocaña

    Managing Partner

  • Miriam González Diels

    Miriam González Diels

    Business Director

  • Juan Antonio Lozano

    Juan Antonio Lozano

    Financial Director

  • José Luis Puertas

    José Luis Puertas

    Technical Director External Consultant

  • Elena Oroz Garde

    Elena Oroz Garde

    Responsible Valuations and Consulting

  • María Ortiz-Cañavate Ceballos

    María Ortiz-Cañavate Ceballos

    Legal Officer and Administration

  • Cova Fernández

    Cova Fernández

    Marketing and Communication Manager

  • José Antonio Verdún Tovar

    José Antonio Verdún Tovar

    Sales manager

  • Mariola González

    Mariola González

    Sales manager

  • María Sánchez

    María Sánchez

    Sales manager

  • Inma López-Gasco

    Inma López-Gasco

    Sales manager

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